A good relief from acidity

It is known that taking a glass of water with lemon – citron  extract helps to balance or avoid the acidity or acid reflux. One morning I tried it, then the next day, again the next day, until one week ( 7 days ). since I am a distributor of FLP. I drink my aloe vera gel too but I take it after 20 to 30 minutes apart from my  “lemon or citron water ”

I took the words of my daughter because she suffer from acidity for a long period of time. Now Its all better.

I just realized too, she made some changes in her diet.  Mostly alkaline food. Sounds familiar to me. I used to have that type of lifestyle in our food when I was very young because I grew up in the country side where 20 kilometers away from our rice land and 5 kilometers away from our coconut land.  I drink a lot of pure coconut water of course and I ate a lot –  a lot of coconut candies made by my mother.

It never occurred to me to learn about lemon, but we use calamansi, which is also a family of oranges or citrus type – like lemon but more stronger in taste which we use for marinating meats and for mostly some sauce.

Well, enjoy your day start with lemon water!



Have some “good bacteria”, for a change.

Forever Active Probiotic®

Forever Active Probiotic® promotes a healthy digestive system. It is designed to help overcome imbalances created by our food and lifestyle choices, which can inadvertently lead to a reduction in the amount of naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria, called probiotic in our system. Aloe acts as a ‘prebiotic’, which fosters the growth of and provides the ideal environment for the probiotic to function.

Forever Active Probiotic® is the only shelf-stable, 6-strain probiotic on the market today that requires no refrigeration.
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